The Haxans

A Goth-pop duo, decked out in creep kitsch high fashion, and named after a silent film from the twenties about a 15th century German guide to hunting witches, THE HAXANS sound exactly like everything those images conjure. It’s the psycho-saccharine music of a fiendish creep’s fever dream… Classic art-house cinema, b-movie horror, spooky decadence, vintage American myth, and black roses dripping with blood are all tossed in The Haxans cauldron, like so many ingredients from a well worn book of spells.

The Haxans are Ashley Costello, subcultural style icon and leader of Warped Tour screamo stars New Years Day, a seeming heir-apparent to the glory days of My Chemical Romance and AFI; and Matt Montgomery, better known by his alias Piggy D., bassist for over a decade with multiplatinum shock rocker Rob Zombie, guitarist with horror punks Wednesday 13, and sometime visual and musical collaborator with rock icon Alice Cooper.

The Haxans isn’t a side project. It’s the irrepressible, irresistible, and inevitable exorcism of the party-centric Halloween costume shop kicking around inside the brains and bodies of the group’s two coconspirators.

Naturally, The Haxans debut album will arrive on Friday the 13th - October 13, 2017, to be exact. Party Monsters, issued by powerhouse alt-rock label Another Century Records, is the weaponized confection produced by two years of sporadic collaboration, pieced together with devilish care, assembled in a studio laboratory of sorts like Frankenstein’s monster. Put on Party Monsters and get immersed in a cool hang with a couple of weirdos up way past their bedtimes, seductively nestled in an old house amidst the spider webs, busted keyboards, broken guitars, and an old projector running The Rocky Horror Picture Show, tempting listeners in.

Those who spell magic with a “k” and vampire with a “y,” who invoke ancient spirits in pursuit of a superstitiously serendipitous good time – all denizens of darkness will find sanctuary in the warm boudoir-like atmosphere of The Haxans, both on record and on the stage. The duo will take their late-night revelry around the world on tour in support of Party Monsters, collecting a likeminded cult of creepy obsessives, purveyors of the strange and unusual, and willfully charmed newcomers along the way.